Starting Soon!

Hello my friends,

As I am slowly building up a new stock of supplements while preparing for the next semester of classes, I am also starting my daily studies on nootropics. Though it will take some time to build up a legitimate record of study, I will be posting some basic information on various chemicals and how they can be used to your benefit. Look forward to seeing more from this website soon!

I would like to comment for a moment on our world and how I view our future when it comes to things such as nootropics… We are entering an age of technological advances that we can’t even imagine. As more and more of life begins to be influenced by computer science, we are slowly turning the linear trends of our advances to mirror the exponential trend that follows our advances in computer technology. It will start slow, but in time everything will become exceedingly more rapid. It is not hard to see that as our knowledge of biochemistry increases, our ability to advance ourselves as biological machines becomes more prominent. The chemicals available now are only a minute fraction of what is to come, and it fills me with excitement that one day we will be changing and improving our own genetic code and defeating the most dangerous of diseases with ease. What you see now is only the start, and I hope that you can join me in working to bring chemicals like the nootropic family to the front of our culture’s minds, so that advances in the subject can be swift– and groundbreaking.