Nootropic: Aniracetam

Aniracetam- a chemical created in the 1970’s after the popular Piracetam in order to allow user to take lower dosages and receive similar effects. The chemical compound is C12H13NO3. The effects of Aniracetam, like its predecessor is difficult to measure, but it sits in its own niche by having a greater effect on goal-oriented behavior. Aniracetam can produce what is known as Brain Fog. A symptom of choline deficiency which can be easily suppressed by taking a secondary supplement to balance yourself out. The half-life of Aniracetam is rather short, roughly 2 hours. Aniracetam is also fat soluble.

–Effects of Aniracetam include:

A “smoothing” effect in the mind that leads to an easier recall of memory, and a faster comprehension speed when taking in new information.

Increases the brain’s ability to process acetylcholine, an organic neurotransmitter which has been proven to have a large hand in regulating mental function and attention.

An increase in neuronal activity, especially in the parts of the brain that deal with short-term memory and attention-span.

An increase in neuro-connection speed between the brain and the muscular system, assisting active reflex muscle use.

–The Breakdown

Aniracetam helps improve cognition and attention in the mind, and allows our body to more readily receive the signals for twitch muscle function.

I have found that Aniracetam works very well in the short term in 1500mg doses, but if taken in overdose can cause shivering and light tremors due to its over-effect on the muscular system.

–About the Effects

It is very likely most users wont feel an initial difference between baseline and the effects of Aniracetam the first (few) times it is taken. For the best way to notice results, try out the dosage on day, and write a paragraph about how you feel an hour after. The next day, do the same without taking Aniracetam and notice the subtle differences. It is something that can greatly improve how you focus on things. I find myself much more capable to focus on a singular topic until completion when under its effects.

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