Notes on Solubility: The Truth.

Many people are confused about different chemicals and their solubility. When speaking of a fat-soluble chemical, it merely means that the chemical will travel through non-polar substances such as fat cells positively to reach the bloodstream.  This process happens during digestion in the lymphatic system, and as such you do not need to take Aniracetam or any other “fat-soluble” chemical with oil or with food in order for it to work. We have fat storage in our bodies at all times, so assuming that you need to take extra with your chemicals is foolish and a strange myth to continue for so long. One other fact about fat-soluble chemicals i that if they are taken in excess our body stores them in our body tissue, so taking large doses of fat-soluble chemicals like Aniracetam and Pramiracetam will cause our bodies to store it to be released at a time when our body can handle more. This happens very rarely with Aniracetam, but the low dosage of Pramiracetam can cause this to happen in some cases. This can cause a delayed or repeating reaction without taking a second dose of the chemical.

Water-soluble chemicals can travel through water, which makes up over 70% of our body, and have been known to be more fast acting when taken orally because it is available to travel through the intestinal walls to our bloodstream directly. The breakdown is such:

Water-Soluble: Faster digestion, lower potency, lower half-life.

Fat-Soluble: Slower digestion, higher potency, higher half-life.

Aniracetam is an exception to this rule only due to its actual chemical compound and not its fat-solubility.


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